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Hi all you beautiful yoga people. Well it’s official – the new website is up and running. It’s bit scary for someone like me who basically loves to get out there and teach and kind of hopes the other stuff will take care of itself. Anyhow thanks to Kara-Leah “whirlwind” Grant, I do have a fantastic new website so check it out at

On the subject of the website –Douglas Lynn is the winner picked from the hat out of all those kind folks who supplied me with a quote to go on the message board. He gets a free personal yoga session worth $75.

I’ve been in Wellington just over a year now with my wife, Janet, and son, Benjamin, and I just wanted to say it’s been great teaching such an appreciative group of really great students. It’s very rewarding seeing everyone’s progress and really helpful to get your feedback about what is and isn’t working for you. Which brings me to the subject of Facebook.

You can follow me on Facebook and post your comments. Or you can join 1,200 other yogis who’ve posted their yoga photos from around the world on my page LINK

Putting the call out to all the men out there…

I’ve had a great time teaching the guys who come to my classes particularly at Freyberg Pool every weekend. I’m planning a Yoga Workshop for Men at Freyberg on Sunday 28th August from 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm. This is a chance to come out of our caves and get in touch with your inner warrior – or something like that anyway. And we’ll also work deeper into those tight hamstrings and work on our back problems.

I don’t want to leave the women out so watch this space for details of future mixed workshops!

Footnote…. Don’t forget Thursday night at Worser Bay – a chance to deepen your practice and enjoy a cookie and a chat after class.

Classes and prices

Mondays 12.15: Tbc
Weekdays lunchtimes: Yoga in the workplace by arrangement
Thursdays 7.30-8.30pm: Worser Bay Scout Hall (behind Surf Life Saving Club)
Saturday 4-5pm: Freyberg Pool (book in advance Tel 801 4530)
Sunday 10-11am: Freyberg Pool (book in advance – tel 801 4530


  1. Jayne Kirby says:

    HI there
    I am inquiring about the yoga class held in Petone on a Wednesday morning.
    I am 44 years old and had a stroke in June. Currently I am awaiting brain surgery. I do have a tangle of arteries and veins in my head (an AVM) so am wondering whether yoga would be suitable for me – what do you think?
    I look to yoga not only wanting to regain a sense of mind/body balance but also to address an ongoing chronic shoulder blade issue.
    If you think with these above conditions your class would be suitable I guess my next wuestion would be have you got any room?
    Kind thanks
    Jayne Kirby

  2. Hi Greg

    interested in joining your sessions at Worser Bay Scout Hall Thursdays

    Just a beginner

    Any chance of starting with you??

    Dave Ashby
    027 358 9569

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