Greg’s accepting and encouraging teaching style enables students from all walks of life to experience yoga without the distraction of self consciousness or the impulse to “compete” or “perform”. ~ Mary-Lou Harris

I always look forward to and enjoy Greg’s weekly yoga class. He has a warm and engaging style of teaching. His instructions are clear and encouraging. He is a good motivator, recognising individual limitations. He maintains interest by varying the programme of exercises. After a class, I feel good because of the difference it has made. ~ Douglas Lynn

Greg’s classes provide a welcome respite from a busy day, giving a sense of peace and renewal. He teaches with a quiet assurance that gives confidence to his students, whatever their level. ~ Jennifer King

Greg is able to adapt classes to suit all levels and always adds something new to each session, whether it’s a breathing technique or alternative stretch to try. ~ Lucy Parr

Greg has a nice calming flow of the voice that guides into the right technique so we get the best of each position, allows for people that aren’t so flexible and explains as times goes on we will see little differences in our bodies that allow more flexibility.

It’s good to have a bit of hands on ‘tweaking’ to make sure positions are done correctly, that helped. And concentrating on breathing techniques. Also asking the class beforehand on anything special to do is great. A little humour is good too “smile – it’s your way of telling the body it’s ok’. ~ Joeline Arundel

Greg is a really friendly, down-to-earth teacher who pushes you just the right amount, convincing you to stay in a squat for just another two breaths! ~ Andrea

Greg is always in tune with the needs of the group; positive; relaxed and yet challenging; varied – never boring! ~ Rachel J

Greg provides various levels of a posture in class, and guides us step by step, wihtout pressure to take the difficult postures. He makes it clear to listen to our bodies, and take time to get into a deeper level. ~ Janet

I really enjoy the yoga sessions at Helium. I find it very constructive that you move around the class and correct students’ postures or help them extend their postures. Not all yoga teachers are prepared to do this I find and it can lead to incorrect practice – and we all want to do it right and improve!

I’ve tried some postures in the class that I would have thought too advanced for me. But I gave them a go because I felt supported and was very proud of myself for it. ~ Erin

Greg teaches a holistic physical and spiritual workout for the mind and body. I find his methods challenging, encouraging and inspiring. ~ Mel Shaw

Greg is a very natural teacher that makes you want to go further then you think you can! It is challenging but in a good way! ~ Melanie

I have really enjoyed your classes. I find your teaching to be warm, inclusive, supportive and extreme well integrated (with regards breath and movement). It’s some of the most accessible yoga I have found! ~ Brighde

I have attended many of Greg’s weekend classes as part of Gym membership and found them the best yet!

Greg talks you through the pose each time, gently reminding us what is to be gained from the pose (motivational) and where to focus (body awareness).

I find there is a greater centred focus on self in his classes than others I have tried, so leave feeling I have moved into a different space and adjusted to be more balanced mentally as well and physically. ~ Harriet

Greg is a fantastic yoga teacher who considers the needs of individuals in the class and creates a supportive, non competitive environment which never the less encourages participants to work hard and develop their skills.

I always leave his class feeling great and I have noticed a reduction in my pain and an improvement in joint stability, which is impressive because most forms of exercise wipe me out for a day or so afterwards. I have tried several other yoga instructors before Greg and none of them provided so much help. ~ Ruth

Greg gives clear and easy to understand instructions. I don’t necessarily have to look at him to know what move/position he is doing next. His tone is calm, reassuring and guiding. The lesson is delivered in a way that puts you at ease and gives you confidence to try at position/stance as well as willingness to participate.

Greg’s teaching method is inclusive and consultative – mind you we will do what ever he asks but I have noticed that participants are now more willing to speak up or ask for something in particular and the group is always willing to to try new things! ~ Keely O’Carroll

Greg is very encouraging, directive and supportive with clear instructions to guide you through every step, making each process seamless! ~ Komal Reddy