Who’s Greg?

Greg was introduced to yoga at the age of 27, by a friend who suggested it may help his back pain.

After attending classes for a year, not only did his back recover, but many other benefits occurred including an incredible sense of well-being – he was hooked!

Greg went on to train with Philip Edwards and Tonia Shong at The Wellington Hatha School of Yoga in New Zealand, developing his accuracy and precision in Asana work.

He’s also studied with Tara Fraser (Yoga Junction) and Swami Sada Sivananda at the London Sivananda center, refining his own awareness of the body’s energy centres and increasing his sensitivity and competence as a teacher/facilitator.

In-depth Training

In early 2001, Greg attended an intensive teacher-training programme in India. The Sivananda Yoga Vedanta teacher training course offers a comprehensive approach of the Sivananda style, combining Pranyama, 12 core asanas and deep relaxation.

Completing the course helped to strengthen the meditative component of Greg’s approach and aligned his own practice and teaching skills with the profound philosophy of Sivananda Yoga.

Greg is particularly interested in the therapeutic benefits of Yoga for problems such as musculo-skeletal misalignment and arthritis, as well as the application of yoga in the treatment of emotional problems such as anxiety and depression.

In 2004 and 2005 Greg attended further intensive training with Sarah Powers and Paul Grilley. This has deepened his understanding of the human bone structure and its variations and furthered his knowledge of the practice of Yin Yoga, a form highly beneficial to the connective tissues of the body.

Now back living in New Zealand with his wife and son, Greg is enjoying sharing his passion for yoga, and it’s ability to transform lives, with people all over Wellington.

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