Corporate Yoga

Yoga is a comprehensive system for promoting personal development and encourgaing individuals to move beyond their perceived current mind/body limitation.

It opens up bodies, and it also opens up the mind.

And that’s why many employers are now recognising that yoga can play a valuable role in creating a more productive work environment.

Banks, media companies, accounting and law firms, and many others are choosing yoga as a way of investing in the health of their work-force.

Greg has been teaching corporate yoga for many years now, first in London where he trained as a teacher, and now back in Wellington.

His ability draws on a variety of yoga styles, which means he can provide a customised programme to meet the particular abilities, aims and objectives of each individual participating on a corporate yoga course.

Greg’s integrative yoga teacher training helps him to work sensitively and competently with a wide range of abilities in a class. He actively encourages students to explore their limitations with openness and curiosity, releasing into each posture and breath.

It’s like one-on-one yoga, but within a class setting.

Greg provides classes at a time that is convenient to clients including early morning, lunch time or after work. Plus running classes at your workplace means no travel time!

When Greg puts together a yoga class for corporate clients, he focuses on relaxation and stress management, whilst ensuring enough structural bodywork is done to increase flexibility, stamina and strength.

Employees benefit because by the end of class they feel relaxed and energized, and employers benefit because those relaxed and energized students perform better in the office.

Previous Corporate Clients

If you’d like Greg to come and teach at your workplace, contact him through the website or by calling 021 0230 4658