Welcome to Body Mind Integration Yoga

Why Yoga?

In today’s increasingly stressful world, yoga can offer an alternative workout that improves the general well being of the mind and spirit as well as the body.

Is it all sitting cross-legged and omming? No, not at all! Yoga is an ancient form of exercise, meditation and philosophy that starts with opening the body through a series of postures. It can be just a physical strenuous as a gym workout.

Discover the secret of moving beyond your current mind-body limitations and restoring inner harmony. Tell me more!

Who is Greg Colson?

Greg initially trained as a Sivananda Yoga teacher in India and can well remember what it was like to be inflexible and suffering from low back pain.

He founded BodyMind Integration to help make yoga accessible to people of all ages and abilities. Tell me more!

What kind of Yoga does Greg teach?

Greg is trained in several different types of yoga and teaches a combination style to suit the different abilities and requirements of his students. His interest and training in Yin Yoga informs all his teaching. Tell me more!

Where can I try a class?

Greg teaches classes in Seatoun and in Wellington’s CBD.

Each class has its own style to suit different abilities and levels of experience. Tell me more!

What about personal tuition?

Private tuition provides a superb introduction to yoga or is an ideal way to improve your practice at any stage.

Clients see great improvements and as Greg only takes on one to two private clients at a time, he can be booked up well in advance. Tell me more!

Can I arrange Yoga in my workplace?

More and more employers are providing yoga classes for their staff.

Often these classes are initiated by interested employees who have been to Greg’s other classes. Tell me more!

What do people say about Greg’s teaching?

Encouraging, enthusiastic, accepting, inclusive, warm, engaging, down-to earth and challenging. Tell me more!